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  Are you looking for quality translation services for your business rendered by the professionals? Then you have come to the right place. Our planet and the people inhabiting it are diverse and hail from a diverse spectrum of regions and religions. In today’s life where all of us speak various languages, there comes a need for the exchange and return of goods and services or to put it in other words – business. Be it French translation or Spanish, many professional interpretation and translation services have emerged over the years, thus aiding the business companies and the institution’s intended for social services and more.

  It does not matter what walk of life you come from or what language you speak, if you own a business / company there will always be a need to expand in the future – translation does just that for you, it provides you with a lot of potential customers for your market.

  A lot of audiences can be driven away if an inaccurate translation occurs. This is harmful to your business / work because even a slight mistranslation can alter the whole message that you are looking to deliver. If you are planning to establish your business roots in foreign soil, then it is all the more necessary for you to check for mistakes such as these. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore appointing proper and well-experienced translation professionals will only benefit you in the long run.

  It is no doubt that English is our universal language for a reason. All around the globe, the majority of people speak English, and the language holds a lot of impact to itself all over the continents. However, local languages have a value of their own that none can beat. This is the reason why there comes up a need for translation services to come to the surface. Today is the age of the internet, and technology is taking over the world, therefore, a lot of traffic is seen. Due to this traffic, it has become easy to reach millions of people that are sitting in every nook and corner of the world. However to do this, one must have effective translation backing them and their business up.

  Thus a need for translation has come into being in various fields along with the likes of mass communication, literature, science, education, technology, business and trade, religion as well as tourism along with many others.

  When it comes to translation services look for those that not only have the experience in the field, but also possess skills when it comes to your kind of business, it could be anything ranging from websites or software, promotional materials, copywriting marketing, audio script, typesetting, subtitle writing, voice dubbing, printing as well as proofreading. Say, if they specialize in French translation, then see to it that they are flexible and have command over the language they are claiming they know including the grammar, etc.

  Translation also bridges the gap between the two nations as well and makes way for two nations to have an interactive relationship with each other. In this way, both countries can clearly take the next step towards politics, technology and more. Translation has grown beyond in these past few decades and in the current scenario, it isn’t hard to get a French translation into English like back in the old days.

  The translation industry has been known to provide services to a variety of companies. Their services are inclusive of these – translation, translating the paper-based documents or the written material, translation of digital documents, translation of websites, services related to sign-language, and interpreting services.

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LINCUS translation service has always been dedicated to provide all-rounded, professional and quality translation, interpretation and other language services for business and social services institutions in Hong Kong. We strive to become your prime choice.

Under the competitive business environment in Hong Kong, LINCUS provides diversified language services to help your business grow. As we have the know-how to tailor made marketing and promotional materials, to copy-edit website contents and annual report, and to translate complicated legal and commercial documents, we believe we can efficiently help you open up the market and explore numerical unexpected business opportunities.

We have a professional and experienced language team and each of the team members possesses years of experience in translation and interpretation. They can render flexi-easy language service solution for your business. We are specialized in localization of software and websites, copy-writing marketing and promotional materials, voice dubbing, audio script and subtitle writing, typesetting, proofreading and printing.

We commit to provide customer-oriented service. Punctuality, confidentiality and quality are our pledge for being your idealistic working partner.