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LINCUS啟思翻譯提供全面專業優質的翻譯(Translation),傳譯及其他語言翻譯服務.LINCUS uses only those qualified professional translators who have mastery of both source language and target language skills.

Introduction It is no secret that the entire world has become a global village. This has led to the rise of a phenomenon known as globe-trotting. People can now move from one continent to another, thanks to fast and efficient large capacity jets. You can now do business or attend college anywhere, including China. This brings to the fore the whole concept of [Chinese English translation]. Chinese, or mandarin for that matter, is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. It is; therefore, important to learn how to translate Chinese into English. SYSTRAN, one of the leading translators, has the following benefits.

Breaking language barriers The world may not be able to completely become a global village is language barriers still present a major challenge. A village is a locality where people speak the same language and share the same views. This implies that it can’t be a village, global nonetheless, if there are differences in languages. Moreover, you won’t be able to share your views with people who cannot comprehend what you are trying to pass across. Consequently, there is need for the [Chinese English translation] to help pull down these barriers. A translation service provider, like SYSTRAN, enables you to quickly translate between Chinese and English without the need for a third party. It is an online translator software that is free and easy to use. Furthermore, the translation is instant.

Translating on your own SYSTRAN is translation software that does not require human intervention. It is a very crucial tool for anybody traveling to china or to any of the Chinese speaking countries. You will not need to consult experts in the field because this may cost you time and money. With this software, you can do the translation on your own. You simply type in the words or expressions you need translated, and the system delivers their English equivalents in seconds. You can use this tool to easily chat with your Chinese counterparts and they will never know you are not Chinese!

Language teaching tool The [Chinese English translation] offered by SYSTRAN are so perfect that you can use it to teach yourself a new language. This tool offers more than then infuriating word-for-word translation which may not make sense all the time. It gives its translation depending on the context and not just according to the words given. Learn Chinese or English easily using this tool.

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多人都說日語很好找工作的,可真的麼? 學一行很容易,但精一行很難, 日語也是如此,皮毛大家都懂,但能夠爬到樓頂的有幾個,所以,真金不怕火烈。學一行,專一行,你會的發展會和日語專業就業前景一樣好。日資企業在東南沿海城市,諸如大連、煙台、青島、蘇州、無錫等都有分佈,今後在中國的發展潛力很大,很多同學都把進入日企作為自己職業生涯的開始。現在在中國日語人才的需求量很大,尤其是高級日語翻譯,資深日語翻譯,根據用人單位不同其日語要求也不同,一般日企的要求就是日語一級。還有一種JIEST日語考試,其實它是日本民間組織創辦的,好像沒什麼說服力,但在國內現在這個比較流行。最好的就是日語國際能力考試了,它比較規範。




機器翻譯是研究人員已經研究了幾十年的問題 - 專家說,在很多時候,許多人認為人類的平價是無法實現的。不過,研究人員提醒說,裏程碑並不意味著機器翻譯是一個已解決的問題。一種稱為聯合訓練的技術被用於迭代地推動英語到中文和漢英翻譯系統。通過這種方法,英漢翻譯系統將新的英語句子翻譯成中文,以獲得新的句子對。然後將這些用於增加從中文到英語的相反方向的訓練數據集。然後在另一個方向上應用相同的過程。隨著它們的融合,兩個系統的性能都會提高。另一種技術稱為協議正則化。利用這種方法,可以通過使系統從左到右或從右到左讀取來生成翻譯。如果這兩種翻譯技術生成相同的翻譯,則結果被認為比不獲得相同結果時更值得信賴。該方法用於鼓勵系統生成共識翻譯。